Today the family headed to Vemdalen for a competition called Vemdalen Bike challenge.
I raced in the 22km category along with up on Vemdalsskalet, in the cross county tracks around Vemdalen. It was a 10 km long track that was repeated two times.

It had rained the day before the race so there was a lot of water in the pits. It was intense and lot of climbs in the tracks. It fitted me perfectly but i had hard competitors. I got here thinking it wouldn’t be so many elite runners but i had mistaken, all the familiar faces where there which was fun but i hadn’t expected it.

Ebba also raced in the children category. She was very proud afterwards and got some candy and a price from the raffle.

After everyone had finished there was a lot of prices to hand out, everyone got a price and that is really nice and not often seen on competitions.

it was a really nice race and i finished a place 17 out of 32 in my category (only men), 19 of 42 (women and men)