Today we traveled down to Vemdalen for Vemdalen Bike Challenge. A short and fun race of 20km with great tracks and good pricetable. Both me and Ebba raced.

Ebba managed to get around the track and was happy. Unfortunately she didnt win anything that she wanted from the pricetable so she got a bit sad ofcourse.

So to my race, i hanged in with the top 10 for half the race but then the problems started. First i had a flat back tire and had to change tube, i was really angry and disappointed as I knew beforehand that the rocky part would cause someone problems, not just me.

Many people passed me and i figured i would do my best to gain as many positions back as possible. During that process i managed to change gear too fast and the chain jumped up between the spokes and casette and got really stuck. I had to brake the chain. I always have a multitool with chainbreaker with me, but i must have dropped it when i changed tire.

So i broke the chain by hand and could then run the remainig 6km to the finishline. I entered last but i fulfilled the race. A really crappy day for me.

Photo: Vemdalen IF Cykel Facebook