I have been training at Gym24 now for a while. It’s really convenient to have a gym nearby so i easily can go out at night to train or when i have som spare time. Its near my home but i have tried to workout in the city (where i work) during my lunch hours and that suits me aswell so i signed up for a contract at http://www.sportsgym.nu.

I also have some colleagues that work out there so i sometimes have someone to train with. There is also a lot more people at this gym. Meeting new people is always nice.

The contract also allows me to train at the bath house in the city. as you know i have kids and the love to bath and the entrance fee is quite high. This allows me to use my gym membership to also go and swim with my children. Combining work(out) and pleasure.

Training is going really well, i have set out a goal to loose 15 kg for my birthday (last of may) and i’m doing good progress.