Today I received my new Downhill bike, i’m so stoked to go try it in the tracks. It behaves fantastic when i tried it here on the backyard.

I have been looking at the Specialized Demo 8 bikes for a while but i felt that they where a bit too expensive for me. I currently run a Scott Gambler 10 so i decided to go for a newer version of that bike as they are a bit cheeper than the Specialized bikes.

Said and done, I ordered the new Gambler but the next day i got an email from the store telling me that they could not find that bike at any reseller as it was out of stock. SO we started looking for alternatives and they offered me a Specialized Demo 8 I Carbon 2015 to a reduced price.

I could not say no to that deal and i’m now a proud owner of a Specialized Demo 8 I Carbon. The Öhlins rear suspension is really great and easy to adjust. The Boxxer fork is also nice and i think i dialed them perfectly.

There is a big difference between running on old equipment and new. Handling the new is like cutting through butter with a hot knife as the old one feels as a cold knife instead.

Picture is from the unpacking as i’m trying it on the car to see that the cycle mounts fit the new frame. It’s really a great bike this far, in a couple of days i will test it in Ã…re Bike Park.