Yesterday I participated in a mtb race in Stockholm called Lidingöloppet MTB. Its a 63km XC race around the Lidingö Island. This was the first real mtb race for me this year, i don’t count the Rogaining race as a real race as that took place during winter, outside of the summerseason. I was also able to race with my new bike for the first time and all i can say is that it respons really well during races aswell.

The race was amazing, fun course and i had really great legs the whole race. I finished at place 161 at a time of 2hours and 53 minutes.

I must admit that i was really nervous before the race but we were greated with great weather and great atmosphere at the arena.

I traveled down to Stockholm with my brother in law and we stayed at a hotel on Lidingö. a really great weekend and i couldent be more happy with my results. Lets kickstart this season!