Today i have been racing again.

This time i entered Jämthjulingen, a race in my hometown around a part of the lake here in Östersund, Storsjön. This race is mainly highroad so the best is to run a racer cycle. I borrowed one for this occasion and i must say i got bitten by it, it was a really fun and different way to cycle for me that have been running mountainbike all my life.

The weather could have been better, around 9 degrees and rain. I was so cold that i could not feel my fingers in the middle of the race. I definitely see a trend of rain during racedays.

We started in the city and then raced towards Brunflo, then turned around the lake via Marieby and then in to the city again. All in all we ended up on 40km.

The race was really fun and i came on place 37 of around 200 participants (in my class) at a time of 1 hour and 17 minutes.