Lately i have been working alot with Nagios and setting up monitoring of linux host in an large datacenter. I have been looking for an easy way of deploying the NRPE and Nagios plugins to the servers without installing so much crap on them. I didnt find anything good so here is my own guide to installing NRPE and plugins.

Start by adding a nagios user
useradd nagios

Install building tools if they arent present
apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev

Download the package from nagios

Untar and cd into the folder
tar -zxvf nrpe-2.13.tar.gz
cd nrpe-2.13

Configure the package with command args enabled
./configure --enable-command-args
make all

Leave the nrpe folder for now, Download the plugins
cd ..

Untar and cd into folder
tar xvfz nagios-plugins-1.4.16.tar.gz
cd nagios-plugins-1.4.16

Configure the package

Make it

and then make install it
make install

Now lets go back into the nape folder
cd ..
cd nrpe-2.13

And then install nrpe, plugin, daemon and config
make install-plugin
make install-daemon
make install-daemon-config

add the nrpe init.d script and chmod it..
cp init-script.debian /etc/init.d/nrpe
chmod 700 /etc/init.d/nrpe

it should start just fine now
/etc/init.d/nrpe start

finally update the update-rc.d
update-rc.d nrpe defaults

This always works fine for me!