I have always had a dream about racing mountainbike, so the last months of hard training have inspired me to pursue this dream. I have entered a couple of races to challenge myself a bit during this summer.

Today i have been participating in my first mountain-bike challenge ever, it was a race called Härjedalstrampen that is run in the town Sveg in the county of Härjedalen. We went down to Lofsdalen on friday, the day before the race, and slept in our cabin so the travel to Sveg wouldn’t be so long.

The race was really though but fun and the track was challenging and the views where really great.

In retrospect i should have chosen a simpler course (i.e. shorter distance) for my first race to get some experience. But i got to learn a few things the hard way during my first race. I did some mistakes that led me to finishing last of the 30 participants that ran the 30km long race.

The first thing that i learned was that I had too much cloths on me during the race, it was really cold before the race and i put on some extra sweater so I wouldn’t freeze during the race. Big mistake it turned out. I didn’t think about the fact the one gets warm by cycling in though environment, so next time i will run lighter.

The second thing was when I stood on the starting line i got hit by the race devil that led me to try to keep up with the elite as they raced hard from the beginning. I got a bit tired in the beginning and couldn’t really shake it off so on the last 10 kilometers I was empty of resources. I need some boost so i will try some gel or sport drinks next time and i definitely need to train more trail running.

The third thing is not to do i race 2 days before another race. As i have written here in the blog i ran 10 km on Thursday. I did not train anything on Friday so my legs where a bit stiff, which i could have avoided by pedaling some on friday to keep the stiffness away.

So i see this race as a good start but i will get back on the horse and run more races. Although i entered last i have many things to learn and i’m happy i entered, got to the finished and got a taste of what its all about.

I got to have fun and i had great support from my family who came along with me. Now i have something to beat next year, because i will be back and then i will not enter last.

I got to see a bear as well.