I have in the previous months decided to stop ”using” alcohol. This decision is not because i have a problem with it, I just feel that i’m old enough to step away from it and focus my days at something else.

I feel that my training is going a lot more easy and I have more time with my kids as crazy as it may sound, but after a night out one gets tired and at least one day needs for recovery before one can train or go play (hard) with the kids.

A couple of days i was out with a couple of friends at Storsjöyran at their restaurant/bar week called ”KrogstrÃ¥ket”. I stayed away and only drank alcohol free wine/beer that night. It felt kind of weird not tipsy but afterwards it felt wonderful.

And to be honest, there is a lot of good tasting wine/beers out there that are 0-alcochol.

Clean and healthy is the new way of living, there is a bonus in saving some money as well.