Today I have been participating in race in Funäsdalen, a race thats called Fjällturen.

We arrived yesterday and have been staying at Funäsdalen Ski Lodge, i really recommend this accommodation/apartments. All family joined in, even my wife’s sister came along and joined me for a 15 km round during Friday evening.

Ebba also raced in the children category during Friday afternoon. She was proud after finishing all on her own, and winning a medal and some candy.

This is a Cross-country race that starts inside Funäsdalen village and finishes in Ramundberget. I raced in the 58km category, there was an 70km category as well and i’ll try that one next year. This race is said to be the most beautiful race around because of their nice views, but unfortunately we did not see anything of that because of rain and fog.

The track was really nice, really muddy and wet but i can imagine it to be amazing during good weather conditions. This race was tougher and more forest/singletrack than Ã…returen, the track contained 2 big climbs and a couple of smaller ones. We did climb around 1300 meters of altitude in total.

We raced in forests, up on mountaintops and down in muddy slippery ski tracks. It got a bit cold during all the rain and wet passages. I had great legs and could have given even more speed/power but the track didn’t allow more due to the conditions, better to race safe than falling and potentially hurting myself/others.

I really liked this race and the arrangement around was really great. It’s a bit different racing when there is many participants as one can easily find someone to join and help/compete with. There was around 600 people starting in the race (all categories) and i finished as 102 out of 316 in my category, 160 in total race.

i’m really pleased and i hope i can race these tracks in good conditions sometime. I will definitely race here again next year.