Iam in the running of upgrading an large vSphere farm to version 5.0 from 4.x. During the install of vCenter on a new server (using the migration-tool from VMware) i come across some nasty problems. First of all i had the database upgrade running forever and the transaction logs grew by almost 100gb.

After the upgrade finished i got and error telling me ”Error 25004. Setup failed to create the vCenter Server repository”. It turns out that the database upgrade was not successful and that the error is a sign of just that. I needed to roll back an database update and retry the upgrade. But first of all i truncated the performance data from the tables. All the gigabytes in the databases are performance data, we really don’t need old data. So i truncated the data and reinstalled vSphere. This time upgrade was fast and i didnt get any error message.

Here is VMwares KB article about this error message.

I will later write something about the truncation of the performance data.