This weekend we have been traveling down to Dalarna and Rättvik to compete in a race called Mörksuggejakten. It’s really nice in Dalarna, i like the landscape and the racetrack.

I raced in the 75km class and managed to finish at place 80 at a time of 3 hours and 10 minutes. A really great race and my legs are on top right now.

I was a bit scared of the track beforehand, everyone talked about the massive climbs on the track, once there they were not that steep and i managed to cut some people off during the climbs. i also managed to beat some of the really good racers from my local ”Happyride Östersund” gang, awesome!

This will surely seed me furhter up at Cykelvasan this year.



Today i have been participating in a Road bike race called Jämthjulingen. Its a 40km race around the lake-end here in Östersund. I ran this race last year aswell. I lent a roadbike from my former collegue Nils.

I was a bit sore after the race in Ã…sarna only 2 days ago but i got a good start and managed to hang in the top peloton the whole race. They sprinted me out during the last kilometer. I finished at place 18 at a time of 1 hour and 3 minutes and thats really great as i haven’t trained on a road bike this year.

Really great legs.


Åsarna MTB Challenge

Today we have been to the local village Ã…sarna to compete in Ã…sarna MTB Challenge. Both me and Ebba competed with good results.

I competed here Last year aswell but didnt finish the race. I missed a turn and cycled the wrong direction, so i had to end the race, it also rained which made me end it. So this year I had to take revenge on the track.

This year i managed to get through the whole race (30km) at place 16 at a time of 1 hour and 36 minutes. i had some trouble with the chain during the race and lost one place in the end.

The race is really fun but the markings could be a bit better for next year. Some people missed a bit of the track and i see that as cheating as they got better time than those who biked the whole track.

Photo: Ã…sarna IK Facebook


Lidingölloppet MTB 2016

Yesterday I participated in a mtb race in Stockholm called Lidingöloppet MTB. Its a 63km XC race around the Lidingö Island. This was the first real mtb race for me this year, i don’t count the Rogaining race as a real race as that took place during winter, outside of the summerseason. I was also able to race with my new bike for the first time and all i can say is that it respons really well during races aswell.

The race was amazing, fun course and i had really great legs the whole race. I finished at place 161 at a time of 2hours and 53 minutes.

I must admit that i was really nervous before the race but we were greated with great weather and great atmosphere at the arena.

I traveled down to Stockholm with my brother in law and we stayed at a hotel on Lidingö. a really great weekend and i couldent be more happy with my results. Lets kickstart this season!


Frösö Rogaining

Today i have been participating in a Rogaining race on Frösön.

The race is a smaller version than normal Rogaining competitions. You can choose to run or travel by bike around the Island. You have 4 hours to go and should collect as many points as possible. All the different markers on the map are worth different points. If you arrive late to the finishline (i.e after 4 hours) you loose points each minute.

I entered with my friend Simon, we planned a route and collected some expensive markers and left out some smaller.

We made it to the finish a couple of seconds before 4 hours. We finished on 3rd place and i won the lottery price. A stay for two at the new hotel in town. Supernice!

We really hope they will arrange a race during summer aswell.