Lofssjön Runt

This week me and the family have been in Lofsdalen, at my in-laws cabin. It has been quite good weather during this week but some rainy nights so it has been a really great ending of my vacation period.

I spent two days in the downhill tracks since they have had a Bike weekend event here with clinics and round tours of all tracks. I have a lot of Go Pro videos of my sessions recorded, so I will cut it and give you a sneak of the result later. I can say that the jumps and speed feels bigger and more intense than they appear on video. I had really high expectations but got a bit disappointed by the ”result”. Well i’ll share it further on.

During Saturday I entered a Mtb race called ”Lofssjön Runt”, its a race around the lake of Lofssjön. I signed up for the tougher race, a 50 km long trip around the lake on hard gravel road and some forest parts/tracks. During the last 10 kilometers we raced up the mountain, Hovärken and then down one of the easy downhill tracks.

I have been a bit sick during this week, sore throat and a bit fever in the beginning of the week. This have of course affected me so my body did not respond to well during the race. To top it off, it started raining like hell during the race. I felt like downgrading from the tough race to the exercise race instead (only 42km), but i changed my attitude and forced myself to do the tough race anyway.

I led a crowd of people almost the whole way around the lake and got many ”thank you” for a great drag during the 42km long trip before i went uphill and they went to the finish line. during the climb uphill i had strong legs but the body didn’t feel ok so i took it a bit easy and saved myself. There was a lot of rain and the stones and tracks were slippery up on the mountain so i could not run as fast as i would have liked.

Last year I entered the 42km race and finished at a time of 1 hour and 59 minutes. This year i raced further, but if i had not done the same trip i would have raced almost 30 minutes faster at that distance. It should have taken around 1 hour and 31 minutes this year.

This year i finished at a time of 2 hours and 26 minutes, i aimed at a max of 2 hours and 15 minutes so i’m a bit disappointed but I made it although my body wasn’t 100% ok. The weather also made it worse and during better conditions i would have made my goal of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Now i will head home and start the preparations for Cykelvasan that start in one week. Nervous and excited!


New Downhill bike

Today I received my new Downhill bike, i’m so stoked to go try it in the tracks. It behaves fantastic when i tried it here on the backyard.

I have been looking at the Specialized Demo 8 bikes for a while but i felt that they where a bit too expensive for me. I currently run a Scott Gambler 10 so i decided to go for a newer version of that bike as they are a bit cheeper than the Specialized bikes.

Said and done, I ordered the new Gambler but the next day i got an email from the store telling me that they could not find that bike at any reseller as it was out of stock. SO we started looking for alternatives and they offered me a Specialized Demo 8 I Carbon 2015 to a reduced price.

I could not say no to that deal and i’m now a proud owner of a Specialized Demo 8 I Carbon. The Öhlins rear suspension is really great and easy to adjust. The Boxxer fork is also nice and i think i dialed them perfectly.

There is a big difference between running on old equipment and new. Handling the new is like cutting through butter with a hot knife as the old one feels as a cold knife instead.

Picture is from the unpacking as i’m trying it on the car to see that the cycle mounts fit the new frame. It’s really a great bike this far, in a couple of days i will test it in Ã…re Bike Park.


Vemdalen Bike Challenge

Today the family headed to Vemdalen for a competition called Vemdalen Bike challenge.
I raced in the 22km category along with up on Vemdalsskalet, in the cross county tracks around Vemdalen. It was a 10 km long track that was repeated two times.

It had rained the day before the race so there was a lot of water in the pits. It was intense and lot of climbs in the tracks. It fitted me perfectly but i had hard competitors. I got here thinking it wouldn’t be so many elite runners but i had mistaken, all the familiar faces where there which was fun but i hadn’t expected it.

Ebba also raced in the children category. She was very proud afterwards and got some candy and a price from the raffle.

After everyone had finished there was a lot of prices to hand out, everyone got a price and that is really nice and not often seen on competitions.

it was a really nice race and i finished a place 17 out of 32 in my category (only men), 19 of 42 (women and men)



Today I have been participating in race in Funäsdalen, a race thats called Fjällturen.

We arrived yesterday and have been staying at Funäsdalen Ski Lodge, i really recommend this accommodation/apartments. All family joined in, even my wife’s sister came along and joined me for a 15 km round during Friday evening.

Ebba also raced in the children category during Friday afternoon. She was proud after finishing all on her own, and winning a medal and some candy.

This is a Cross-country race that starts inside Funäsdalen village and finishes in Ramundberget. I raced in the 58km category, there was an 70km category as well and i’ll try that one next year. This race is said to be the most beautiful race around because of their nice views, but unfortunately we did not see anything of that because of rain and fog.

The track was really nice, really muddy and wet but i can imagine it to be amazing during good weather conditions. This race was tougher and more forest/singletrack than Ã…returen, the track contained 2 big climbs and a couple of smaller ones. We did climb around 1300 meters of altitude in total.

We raced in forests, up on mountaintops and down in muddy slippery ski tracks. It got a bit cold during all the rain and wet passages. I had great legs and could have given even more speed/power but the track didn’t allow more due to the conditions, better to race safe than falling and potentially hurting myself/others.

I really liked this race and the arrangement around was really great. It’s a bit different racing when there is many participants as one can easily find someone to join and help/compete with. There was around 600 people starting in the race (all categories) and i finished as 102 out of 316 in my category, 160 in total race.

i’m really pleased and i hope i can race these tracks in good conditions sometime. I will definitely race here again next year.


Ebba has learned to cycle

I’m so proud. My little girl has finally learned to cycle on her own without support wheels. We went to the local soccer field to kick some ball and train on cycling. It took one try and then she made it on here own.

After that we trained to start in inclined terrain and to stop and adjust speed. Now she masters it all and have spent the afternoon on the bike. I think she is as proud as here father.

We celebrated with ice-cream, yummy!



Today I have been racing in Ã…re. This competition is new and have never been arranged before, so we are a couple of pioneers that have raced this course today.

Me and the family stayed at Holiday Club Hotel in Ã…re so we should make it to the starting line without all the stress. MÃ¥ns and Ebba didn’t sleep to well so i was a bit tired during the morning. It took at least a couple of kilometers to get the body going.

The course was 52km long, start and finish was at Åre town square. The course went from the town square up to Fröå mines and then down to Undersåker were we turned back to Åre. When we reached Åre again we went uphill to Tott and then further up the hills towards the town square, a total of 600 height meters to climb during the last 10 km.

It have been raining a lot the last couple of days so the course was a bit slippery. We made a total of around 1100 hightmeeters climb during the course so i’m happy that i did it without ”hitting the wall”.

Overall i think it was a good race but it could have been more single track and/or forest tracks and less gravel/asphalt passages. But for a first competition it was a really great arrangement by the organizers.

I finished on place 58 of 70 (that got to the goal). Next week I will attend Fjällturen in Funäsdalen, a 58 km race.


Downhill, training and going around Lofssjön

This weekend me and the family have been in Lofsdalen, in my in laws cabin. I have been running down Lofsdalen Bike Park on Saturday an today i have been pedaling around the lake ”Lofssjön”. afterward i took a 25 km run to Glöte for some coffee with the family.

Two amazing days with training and fun activities an surpassingly good weather. Not a bad way to start my vacation period.



Today i have been racing again.

This time i entered Jämthjulingen, a race in my hometown around a part of the lake here in Östersund, Storsjön. This race is mainly highroad so the best is to run a racer cycle. I borrowed one for this occasion and i must say i got bitten by it, it was a really fun and different way to cycle for me that have been running mountainbike all my life.

The weather could have been better, around 9 degrees and rain. I was so cold that i could not feel my fingers in the middle of the race. I definitely see a trend of rain during racedays.

We started in the city and then raced towards Brunflo, then turned around the lake via Marieby and then in to the city again. All in all we ended up on 40km.

The race was really fun and i came on place 37 of around 200 participants (in my class) at a time of 1 hour and 17 minutes.


Ã…sarna Mountainbike Challenge

Today it’s my birthday, i’m turning 31 and what better way to celebrate than to do a mountain bike race. Today I have been racing in Ã…sarna where there . There was really bad weather today, around 10 degrees and rain. I entered the 30 km course, i also got Simon with me to this race.

I have trained really hard the last week and was prepared for the race on the best way possible and i didn’t race like a maniac in the beginning like last week in Sveg. The race was flowing really well for the first 10 km. It was wet and muddy but really fun.

Then something happened, I missed a turn somewhere and got on to the wrong path and ended up way off the course, or i should say i ended up skipping a part of the course. When i realized that i was lost i ended the race and went home instead, i was so cold and wet that i couldn’t justify going back just to finish the race.

I’m really disappointed on myself but I’m also disappointed at the race, the turn should have been marked even better so the little focus i had at this point would have understand that we needed to make a turn.

I heard after the race that many people was feeling the same about the course markings.

Well i could definitely have had a better birthday.



I have always had a dream about racing mountainbike, so the last months of hard training have inspired me to pursue this dream. I have entered a couple of races to challenge myself a bit during this summer.

Today i have been participating in my first mountain-bike challenge ever, it was a race called Härjedalstrampen that is run in the town Sveg in the county of Härjedalen. We went down to Lofsdalen on friday, the day before the race, and slept in our cabin so the travel to Sveg wouldn’t be so long.

The race was really though but fun and the track was challenging and the views where really great.

In retrospect i should have chosen a simpler course (i.e. shorter distance) for my first race to get some experience. But i got to learn a few things the hard way during my first race. I did some mistakes that led me to finishing last of the 30 participants that ran the 30km long race.

The first thing that i learned was that I had too much cloths on me during the race, it was really cold before the race and i put on some extra sweater so I wouldn’t freeze during the race. Big mistake it turned out. I didn’t think about the fact the one gets warm by cycling in though environment, so next time i will run lighter.

The second thing was when I stood on the starting line i got hit by the race devil that led me to try to keep up with the elite as they raced hard from the beginning. I got a bit tired in the beginning and couldn’t really shake it off so on the last 10 kilometers I was empty of resources. I need some boost so i will try some gel or sport drinks next time and i definitely need to train more trail running.

The third thing is not to do i race 2 days before another race. As i have written here in the blog i ran 10 km on Thursday. I did not train anything on Friday so my legs where a bit stiff, which i could have avoided by pedaling some on friday to keep the stiffness away.

So i see this race as a good start but i will get back on the horse and run more races. Although i entered last i have many things to learn and i’m happy i entered, got to the finished and got a taste of what its all about.

I got to have fun and i had great support from my family who came along with me. Now i have something to beat next year, because i will be back and then i will not enter last.

I got to see a bear as well.


Some Cross-country at Bynäset

Today me and my friend Simon went for a cycle ride around Frösön and Bynäset. It was a really nice trip that landed around 40km. It was wet and muddy on some spots but a really nice track. To bad its mostly closed. We went around the fences to get the good part of the trail.

We took the car from Brunflo to Frösön and the we biked around the island via Bynäset.

On our way home we stopped at the café Stock Titt for a sandwich and some coffee.

Picture taken on Bynäset with view towards Bydalen


Beautiful day at Andersön

Today me and the family were out at Andersön. I was trying the new bike around the island and then we drank some lemonade and coffee. It was a really beautiful day with sun and a summer feeling in the air.

The tracks around Andersön were surprisingly good, it was dry and really fun to jump around on the tracks. Not to many people out on the island either.

Afterwards we went to some friends for dinner and had a great time.


Bought a new bike

I will change the course of this blog to better reflect my life. I will fill it with work, training and family stuff. So you all can expect a bit of IT mixed with children, love, skiing, biking and running.

I just bought a new bike. I went with a Trek Fuel EX 7 2015 after a recommendation in the store, i was interested in a scott scale bike but tried this and i was hooked, i’m really pleased this long.

Trek Fuel Ex 7


Ny Cykel

Jag har alltid älskat att cykla. Denna sommar har varit fantastiskt med bra väder och många timmar på cykeln till och från arbetet. Min nuvarande cykel är nästan 10 år gammal och har tjänat mig väl men efter den senaste servicen kände jag att det var dags för en ny cykel.

Det är allt som oftast utförsäljning av cyklar i slutet av sommaren, så vi besökte den lokala sportaffären och jag fastnade för den här Scott cykeln. Det är inte den dyraste eller coolaste men den passar mina behov.

Nästa sommar kommer jag att försöka cykla ännu mer. Kanske plocka upp min dröm och intresse kring att försöka tävla i cykling.