Today we have been to the local village Ã…sarna to compete in Ã…sarna MTB Challenge. Both me and Ebba competed with good results.

I competed here Last year aswell but didnt finish the race. I missed a turn and cycled the wrong direction, so i had to end the race, it also rained which made me end it. So this year I had to take revenge on the track.

This year i managed to get through the whole race (30km) at place 16 at a time of 1 hour and 36 minutes. i had some trouble with the chain during the race and lost one place in the end.

The race is really fun but the markings could be a bit better for next year. Some people missed a bit of the track and i see that as cheating as they got better time than those who biked the whole track.

Photo: Ã…sarna IK Facebook