Today it’s my birthday, i’m turning 31 and what better way to celebrate than to do a mountain bike race. Today I have been racing in Ã…sarna where there . There was really bad weather today, around 10 degrees and rain. I entered the 30 km course, i also got Simon with me to this race.

I have trained really hard the last week and was prepared for the race on the best way possible and i didn’t race like a maniac in the beginning like last week in Sveg. The race was flowing really well for the first 10 km. It was wet and muddy but really fun.

Then something happened, I missed a turn somewhere and got on to the wrong path and ended up way off the course, or i should say i ended up skipping a part of the course. When i realized that i was lost i ended the race and went home instead, i was so cold and wet that i couldn’t justify going back just to finish the race.

I’m really disappointed on myself but I’m also disappointed at the race, the turn should have been marked even better so the little focus i had at this point would have understand that we needed to make a turn.

I heard after the race that many people was feeling the same about the course markings.

Well i could definitely have had a better birthday.