Today I have been racing in Ã…re. This competition is new and have never been arranged before, so we are a couple of pioneers that have raced this course today.

Me and the family stayed at Holiday Club Hotel in Ã…re so we should make it to the starting line without all the stress. MÃ¥ns and Ebba didn’t sleep to well so i was a bit tired during the morning. It took at least a couple of kilometers to get the body going.

The course was 52km long, start and finish was at Åre town square. The course went from the town square up to Fröå mines and then down to Undersåker were we turned back to Åre. When we reached Åre again we went uphill to Tott and then further up the hills towards the town square, a total of 600 height meters to climb during the last 10 km.

It have been raining a lot the last couple of days so the course was a bit slippery. We made a total of around 1100 hightmeeters climb during the course so i’m happy that i did it without ”hitting the wall”.

Overall i think it was a good race but it could have been more single track and/or forest tracks and less gravel/asphalt passages. But for a first competition it was a really great arrangement by the organizers.

I finished on place 58 of 70 (that got to the goal). Next week I will attend Fjällturen in Funäsdalen, a 58 km race.