I’m so happy and a bit overwhelmed. Today my daughter was born after an intensive morning/day.

She came almost one month to early and had asphyxia when she came out due to something neither we or the doctors could explain. To be honest it’s kind of a blur to talk about this but the clear memory of this day will stick forever.

I had to follow the doctors as they ran from the birth room out to the ”resuscitation” room. She did not breath on her own and after a couple of minutes of heart massage and oxygen she started to manage on her own. When she was stable we went to say help to the mother and then we went up to the neonatal department.

The doctors was a bit pensive about her getting some kind of damage to the brain as she had the asphyxia for so long. they were talking about flying to UmeÃ¥ and cooling her down if the examination was showing any signs of damage. as of now, they don’t see anything that indicate this. We will probably stay here at neonatal for a couple of days for further monitoring.

As you all understand it has been a long day and i really can’t write/talk about everything here.

We will probably call her Ebba.