It’s time to summarize this year, the year of 2015. A lot of things have happened during this year and i will try to keep it short under a couple of headlines below.


This year has been all about me and about starting to feel and perform better. I have felt that I couldn’t keep up with myself and all the things i wanted to do during 2014. I have had the ”need to train” thought for a long time but never set down my foot and starting to workout, mostly because of lack of knowledge within training and being lazy. I think many people can relate to this scenario.

During the end of 2014 I started following some athletes and interesting local sports persons on social media and got some inspiration and got pushed to actually sign up for a gym and head out for bike rides myself, they all made it seem so easy so why couldn’t I also be an ”athlete”.

Said and done, during the first couple of days in January a new gym opened 50 meters from my home, I signed up and started to train in the gym, it was to close to be lazy. I gained knowledge and self esteem by seeking information and inspiration online.

I found myself getting good results and feeling a lot better in a short period of time. During the first couple months I barely could stand on a crosstrainer or run more that couple of meter without getting really high pulse and have to stop and catch my breath but it keeps getting better.

Right after the winter, when all snow melted away I put out the bike from the garage and started to ride by myself. At first i found it a bit boring but with some good music in my ears and some challenging routes around my neighborhood i got a hang of it.

I have always been fond of cycling and always wanted to get to train and compete in cycling and MTB in particular, so during the year i bought new bikes and signed up for a couple of races. As you all may have read already the first races were not so good performance wise, but I gained a lot of experience and got to see how other people train and compete.

I competed in a couple of MTB races around Jämtland. I have gotten better during the year, with every race new experiences and knowledge was gained and I feel really comfortable to continue this newly found love next year.

The main goal was set to enter and finish the Cycle Vasalopp (cykelvasan). During August I competed and raced the 95 km at a time of 4:16. Not that great in comparison to all the high-end cyclists but once again i did it and have something to beat next year now that i know what its all about and have more time and knowledge to prepare.

During the later half of the year, after summer, I was a bit afraid to loose the great training i was experiencing but I kept going and trained both cycling and at the gym.

I got in touch with a local group of people called ”Happyride Östersund” thanks to some of the local MTB people I follow and get inspired by. These people deserves a shout-out as they are great people and great inspiration, thanks Helena and Hasse.

The group contains a lot of people with Cycle interest that get together to train and discuss cycling. I have gained a lot of new friends and really think this is an awesome way of keeping the happiness in training and cycling.

I couldn’t have been more happy with my decision to start training and pursue the dream of being a cyclist. I have gone from overweight to normal (95 to 77kg) and it feels great to have lost almost 18kg during 2015! I cant wait to get out there in 2016 and get better results and cycle even more.


This year I have started to care and involve myself a bit more in the family life. Not that i dint do this before but other years have been more about work and making a good living by making a lot of money to get and having the family floating.

But when MÃ¥ns was born I decided to dedicate my time to the family and start taking care about my relations within the family and also in friendships. I have still worked a lot this year so I cannot really say that I achieved my goals in this area. I will try to fetch them during 2016 instead.

But to summarize; I have gotten a bit better during the year, having a proper vacation and starting to be a better family father and a respectful husband.

I think the fact that I started training and taking better care of myself have reflected on my family life and i also have stopped working so much and started to say no to things have made up time to spend with family.

We had a really nice time going to Mallorca for vacation this year. I wish we could go back as it was really really nice. We have to wait a bit more and go again the fall of 2016.


The last year of work have been a really though and hard for me. I have been really unhappy with my work, been feeling depressed and sad almost every day going to work.

So i have signed for a new job starting in the begining of January. I hope it will bring me back the fire and happiness.